Short About Me

I spent my time in the military. I have lived an adventurous life. I have seen the world, and I have lived with few regrets in my life. It is these experiences that I draw from to give me my outlook on life. Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis Memorial weekend of 2008, This life altering event has made me determined and given me a new drive to bring my art and drawings back to the forefront of my life.


  • Design SchoolLouise Salinger Academy of Fashion, San Francisco.
  • Art SchoolArt Institute of San Francisco
  • LifeUnited States Army, Outdoorsman, Avid bass player, & Artist. Applying all I have learned, all I have been to a skill I love.

What’s New


Current Projects
I am designing a group of ad banners for the 1024 Bass Company. These ads are designed to promote the name "1024" rather than show case any bass guitar.


Album cover art is now on the nungun site, under the FOLIO tab at th etop of this page. Take a look and let me know what you think!

My Philosophy

One must listen to the client, see their vision, and transform it into what they are dreaming.
It is their ideas I put to paper, It is their dreams I create, it is my skills that we use together to create the works you have envisioned . My years of experience are at your disposal - RL Christian


Coming Soon


1024 Bass Collection
A group of drawings for The 1024 Bass guitar collection


Latest Project
I will be doing a personal project enitiled "What nightmares are made of" I have asked people to submit to me what their greatest fear was. I wil be taking the very best of these adn putting them to canvas.

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